Online Hotel Reservation System Software: HotelWeb

RoomCircle HotelWeb is simply the most modern online hotel booking system. It comes with powerful reservation features and great user interface. The Internet Hotel Reservation Software has been built by world renowned technology experts.

Exclusive Pricing Options for Hotel Booking Engine

  • Pay Per Booking. No Monthly/Annual Charges

  • You pay a small percent OR a flat transaction fee for each online booking.

  • Flat Monthly Fee. No Commissions

  • Pay nominal monthly fee. Get unlimited free online reservations.

Booking Engine Enquiry

Select Hotel Booking System Clients

  • Hotel Citi International
  • Clarks Inn Hotels use RoomCircle's Booking System
  • Hotel Paradise
  • Karon Hotels in Delhi
  • Hotel Te New Delhi uses Hotel Web Reservation System
  • Hotel Amer View Jaipur
  • Hotel in GK1 Delhi uses RoomCircle Booking Engine
  • Blossoms Village Resort

Features of Internet Hotel Booking System

Customizable Booking Interface: Looks like your Website

The Booking Interface can be customized to look and feel like your own website. So that guests can get a seamless experience while making a reservation.

Flexible Room Allocations with One Click Sold Out Option

You get total control on how many rooms you want to allocate for different dates. You can change the availability any time or mark sold out dates with a single click.

Online Payment for Negotiated Rate Hotel Booking

You can create a new booking with negotiated rates and send payment link in automated emails to gustes. They can pay online and get instant confirmation.

Multi-Night Package Booking & Custom Meal Plans

HotelWeb system allows reservation of all types of plans and packages. You can define your own hotel packages, rate plans and discounts and modify them at any time.

Online Cancellation, with Cancellation Policy of Your Choice

We don't impose any pre-defined cancellation policy. You can choose your own cancellation policies (even have different policies for different hotels, packages, rate, plans and dates). Guests can cancel the reservation online. The system automatically computes cancellation charges and refunds based on your policies.

Booking Support for Multi-Hotel Chains

Our Reservation Software supports multiple hotels under a hotel chain, with a centralized administration as well as separate access for each hotel if required.

Secure Online Payments: Compatible with any Payment Gateway

RoomCircle's HotelWeb software system accepts online payments using netbanking, credit and debit cards. It comes with multiple pre-integrated payment gateways. In addition, it can work with any payment gateway of your choice.

On-Demand Reports and Analytics to Increase Bookings

A variety of reservation reports as well as for cancellations, availability etc. can be generated on demand. Bookings and confirmations are sent to you on email as and when they happen. Our advanced analytics help you improve your web-design and hotel pricing to get higher booking conversions.

Fast, Secure and Reliable Online Reservation System

HotelWeb booking system is extremely fast. It is hosted on Amazon - World's top hosting technology. Ensures 99.9% uptime and lightening fast response even during peak hours or busy seasons. All communication is secured with SSL encryption.

Agent Management & Online Booking

You can have your travel agents use the same system for making their bookings. You can set up rates and discounts specific to each agent as you wish.

Manage Corporates and Special Clients, Discount Codes

Set up and manage your corporate or special clients. Define client-specific discounts. The clients can make online reservation from the same booking interface and pay based on their individual rates.

And many more booking capabilities you are bound to note when you try it out!

Find out all you wanted to know about web hotel booking system, hotel reservation software, Internet Payments and a lot more in our FAQ section.

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