Hotel Booking Engine Software & Payment Gateway: FAQ

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How RoomCircle and Online Bookings Can Help Your Business

What is RoomCircle HotelWeb?

HotelWeb from RoomCircle is an Online Hotel Booking Software using which a hotel can start accepting online bookings with instant payments and confirmations from its own web site.

How is RoomCircle different from MakeMyTrip, Expedia etc.?

MakeMyTrip,, Expedia etc. act as travel agents. You end up paying a huge commission or having to sell your hotel rooms at highly discounted rates. RoomCircle is not a travel agent and our processing charges are nominal. Guests make their bookings directly with the hotel on the hotel's own website so that you get maximum realization.

I have a Query Form on my hotel web site. Why do I need RoomCircle?

Your chances of getting confirmed bookings are greatest when users can make instant purchases. Else they would go away to other hotel websites that offer instant confirmed reservations.

I don’t get many online enquiries. Why take an online booking software?

Most likely, you are not getting online enquiries as you don't offer instant bookings. With it, you should be able to generate much more business from the Internet.

Online Booking Engine Software Features

Can the Booking Interface be customized to look like my web site?

Yes, the look and feel of the booking interface can be customized to make it look like a natural part of your own website. In addition, you can use your own logo, banner and images on the booking pages.

Can a guest reserve multiple rooms together?

Yes, you guests reserve multiple rooms, and also rooms of different categories and rate plans in a single booking. This makes sure your available rooms are best utilized. Example: If you have only 1 Deluxe and 1 Superior room left and someone is looking for 2 rooms, they would be able to make the combined booking in a single step.

Can a guest book from a mobile phone or iPad?

Yes, a guest can make a booking and pay from any mobile device having an Internet browser.

Can a guest view or cancel his existing booking online?


Rooms, Rates, Packages and Cancellation Policies

Can I modify the room availability at any time on my own?

Yes. You can specify how many rooms of each category to sell online. You can modify this any time. You can also define your own clients, agents or other channels and specify room availability for them.

Can I modify the rates at any time on my own?

Yes. You get total control on the rates. You can also specify special promotional discounts for specific time periods and / or for specific clients or travel agents.

Can I sell multi-night packages?

Of course.

What Cancellation policies are supported??

HotelWeb supports all commonly used cancellation policies – such as non-refundable, 1 night charges, varying retention charges depending on cancellation date or a mix of these.

Online Payments

What payment methods can be used for the online reservations?

All popular payment modes such as NetBanking, Debit Cards, Credit Cards and Mobile Payments are supported.

What Payment Gateways are Supported?

RoomCircle will work with all leading payment gateways. We can also assist you in choosing and obtaining a payment gateway.

Are online payments secure?

Your transactions and payments are secured using latest industry standards. All data transmission is encrypted with SSL Technology using 128 bit or higher encryption. Payments are processed by reputed third-party payment gateways. RoomCircle does not store card or account numbers or financial passwords/ PIN etc. of guests on its systems.

Technology, Data Backup, Maintenance and Support

How Reliable are RoomCircle’s Technology and Servers?

RoomCircle uses World’s Number 1 Hosting technology from Amazon Web Services. It is the same platform that is used by World’s largest companies for their critical online workflows. Amazon provides 99.9% + availability and you also get the same high speed at any time of day.

Can the System work on slow Internet connections?

HotelWeb has been specifically designed for Indian conditions by technology experts and tested to work over slow Internet connections. We do not dump western or obsolete technology.

What if my Internet connection is not working?

You can call us on Toll free number or email us. You can also opt for a ‘call-back’ service where RoomCircle can call (and/or Fax) you for every booking or cancellation received through HotelWeb.

How is my data backed up?

Your data is securely backed up at 3 locations, including in India and globally. This is to ensure business continuity for you even in the event of a catastrophe.

What about enhancements, new features and maintenance?

RoomCircle provides ongoing maintenance for Hotelweb. Enhancements to the modules you are subscribed are provided at no extra cost as part of maintenance.

What support options are available?

We provide Toll Free support from any where in India and 24-48 hr email support.

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